Is it possible to get an STI genitally even though you gave oral? Like if I give a guy head will it impact my throat or genitals?

Your throat, or mouth, yes, but no, it can not travel from your mouth to your genitals.

I'm a girl and the skin on the tip of my nipples sometimes looks like I could just scrape it off. Like its deAd skin. But it hurts when I try to get it off. Is that normal?

Nipples are skin too. Peeling and dryness can happen to them. And if you’ve ever tried peeling skin that, despite hanging loose, wasn’t ready to be peeled, you’ve noticed it hurt. And it can especially hurt when it’s your nipples, because they are more sensitive skin than most other areas.

Are you sweating a lot in your chest area? Do you have tight clothing with texture that could rub your nipples raw? Are you having any itching, cracking, bleeding, or discharge? Answers to these questions may help isolate your issue.

It’s probably a good idea to get a health professional to examine you, just in case it may be a chronic condition like eczema.








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So who gonna be the one to do fanart of this.

Reblogging because tumblr never knows when to quit and in this instance, it is a thing of beauty.

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Great songs to dance to:

Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine


something i hate is how in a lot of movies the ugly guy gets the hot chick but when the ugly chick gets the hot guy she has to go through a beautiful transition into a sexy woman first

Okay.. So I took my birth control pills and about two hours later I had like diarrhea. And I woke up this morning with an upset stomach. I think I read that if I have that or throw up three hours after I take my pill that it can be less affective. Is that true? When will I be protected again if so?

With any medication you take orally, if you throw up within the next two hours of taking it, it essentially voids its effect. Because you didn’t digest it or digest enough of it for it to be of any use to you. You’ll have to take another pill.

As for diarrhea, if you have it for more than 24 hours, it may cause your pill to be digested improperly, thus you should act as if you’ve missed your last pill.

If you continue being sick, you should consult a doctor.

RE: your recent post about trans parents


Trans woman Florencia Trinidad and her twins

Trans woman and argentinian celebrity Florencia Trinidad (best known as Flor de la V) with her twins.


I love LGBT+ families, We’re the cutest.

I found some resources for transgender families, but I wish there was just a tumblr where everyone sent in pictures

Do you know anything about headaches after sex? I just seem to always get them, Thanks in advance


Interestingly enough, there are a variety of headaches related to sexual activity.  Some of them mean nothing, but some of them are indicators of very different conditions.  I’ll list them out here, but I want you to go to the midwife/doctor in the next week anyway.

  • Pre-orgasmic headache - dull, aching headache on both sides of the back of the head, starting with sexual activity and increasing with sexual arousal.  The headache tends to last for about 30 min-1 hour.
  • Orgasmic headache - sudden and explosive pain followed by severe throbbing that starts just before or at the moment of orgasm.  Associated with stroke.

Other headaches related to sexual activity may themselves be indicators of: meningitis, hemorrhage in the brain, brain infection, stroke, and more.  

Benign Sexual Headache (or non-harmful headache) can be similar to migraines and caused by the same physiology.  However, anyone experiencing sexual headaches will likely undergo a very careful evaluation to make sure that their headaches are not indicators of much more serious conditions.

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HIM - The Funeral of Hearts



Many transgender people regret transitioning (changing their gender presentation), especially if they have surgery or take hormones.

This is a MYTH! For most people, transitioning improves mental health and quality of life. And the satisfaction rates for both surgery and hormones are incredibly high. When a trans person transitions, however, they may experience a lot of emotional stress. This is usually not due to the transition itself, but happens because of horrible treatment by transphobic people. The best way to help is often by supporting their decision to transition, not by questioning it.

Sarah, Sex Educator

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