Likelhood of pregnany when pull out method was used and I'm on the pill? He reentered me hours later. ( no condom)

The pill provides very good protection. Combined with other contraceptive methods, including withdrawal, the risk of pregnancy is even more statistically insignificant.



Jackalope #2: September 23rd

Really powerful comic about recovery & healing from sexual assault. It doesn’t always happen in a straight line, and that’s ok.


don’t date anyone who isn’t proud of you

URGENT. My boyfriend have me a hickey on my chest and I need to get rid of it ASAP. Its over 48hrs old so I've done the hot compress/massage/tooth brush techniques but I'm going shopping with my mom tonight. Any tips on how to get rid of it like now or at least ways to cover it. (Yes it's covered by the bra but it's still getting me paranoid)

Well, hickeys are basically bruises, so it’s hard to force them to go away.

There’s really only home remedies suggested, rather than any 100% proven way to get them to leave. Which means, these methods may not work at all.

I hope you can find a solution in these links.

I feel like you've been getting quite a bit of unfair criticism recently & I'd like to wade in in support. I've been teaching sex ed in a high school for quite a few years now & was feeling that my resources & knowledge was getting a bit stale. I started following a couple of sex ed blogs a couple of years ago and learned an embarrassing amount very quickly! I had to TOTALLY revamp everything I was teaching and began to cover sexuality, gender issues and consent in unheard-of detail! 1/2

WHAT AN AMAZING DIFFERENCE in the kids’ knowledge, positivity and comfort in talking about these topics. In the 18 years previous, we’d had about 3 kids come out at school and in the last two we’ve had maybe a dozen because they now know there’s someone who is speaking to them directly rather than glossing over their feelings and there’s someone they can come & talk to who will be supportive. Thank you so much for helping me to help them!
Thank you for your support and your dedication as an educator! I’ve only taught a few classes, but I experienced a similar result - I mostly spoke about abuse in my case, but it definitely made an impact on the students and their self perception and respect. I’m so happy for you and your students.
What's a dental dam and what's it used for

A dental dam is a (usually latex) sheet typically used in dentistry, but is also commonly used for safer sex purposes!

The idea of the dental dam is basically the same as condoms - prevent exposure to bodily and sexual fluids and bacteria, and thus the spread of infections and disease.

It’s most commonly used for oral activities. In this instance, it is placed over the vulva or anus so that the giver can perform without directly coming in contact with possible contaminants.

You can get actual dental dams, but most people instead choose to make their own from condoms, since that’s often easier. Check out our #dental dam tag for informative posts!



what others call a rebellious phase I call the sudden realization I don’t deserve to be treated like garabge


The fact you all consider talking about people besides white cishet couples and their sex to be “too political” and “alienating” is beyond gross. That was not stated in any of those recent asks. We just fundamentally disagree about what constitutes sex education. Planned Parenthood runs an extraordinary sex ed blog, which offers non-judgmental info about health and sexuality. They use PP Action to discuss the surrounding political issues. Clearly, you don't think that separation is necessary.

It didn’t have to be literally stated. This all started with “It feels like this blog isn’t for straight people” and every ask since then has been based on that premise - that talking about people besides straight people and issues that pertain to more than or not to straight people is alienating, political, and so on.

Also, Planned Parenthood follows us, and additionally has a variety of blogs besides their main one. Each of which, including their main one, post sex education issues that are more than just answering questions. We would know, we follow and reblog from them, as well as a number of other sex education resources that run just the same.

The blog has not changed, the intent has never been different. You all followed this blog knowing well what we were doing and about. Again, feeling alienated because you suddenly realized it wasn’t all about you, is on you, not us.

Again. What are we doing that is “too political”? What are we doing that is “uneducational”?

And why do you regard anything besides cishet sex to be “politics”? You do realize you’re talking to a queer trans person. You do realize you’re calling acknowledging my existence and needs political pandering. Yes?

I am honestly getting quite tired of this. There is absolutely no reason for this and this constant whining is about the only thing here that I see that doesn’t belong. So I’m not answering any more sniveling.

If you don’t like what we post, if you don’t like our mission as sex educators, you don’t have to follow us. Just leave.

If you don’t like to think of sex education as more than talking about cishet sex and hate it when anything else is discussed or brought up, then you are free to unfollow.

I agree with your response to the anons, but I still think that the conversation raised some interesting questions. If you're marketing your blog as strictly sex education, then it should be geared towards providing health-related information about sexuality. That said, I understand that a lot of sex ed topics relate to other political and social issues and that you'd like to express your opinion. But if you do too much of that, this blog becomes a political one, instead of an educational one.

The more you focus on political issues, the more audience members you stand to alienate. Those are then people who you cannot reach with extremely important information about health and sexuality.

I keep saying over and over, sex education is about more than sexual activity. 

But yes, we post a lot of sex education topics besides sexual activity, as this is a sex education blog and the intent has always been to address ALL topics of sex education: sexism, rape and abuse culture, harassment, abuse and assault, relationships, reproductive rights and health, sexual rights and health, sex work, LGBT needs, safer sex, transphobia, queerphobia, heterosexism, cissexism, transmisogyny, misogynoir, misogyny, power dynamics, consent, consent culture, genital cutting and mutilation, hygiene, kink, feminism, intactivism, parenting, nursing, pregnancy, child health, diet culture, and certain issues of racism, islamophobia, xenophobia, etc as they pertain to the right to practice your identity, sexuality, gender expression, and parent in safety and without discrimination (example: a recent poster we posted in which it was stated that the right of black parents to raise their children without fear of them being killed by police, without fear of injustice preventing their children from succeeding or living a happy and healthy life).

The fact you all consider talking about people besides white cishet couples and their sex to be “too political” and “alienating” is beyond gross. Believe it or not, life doesn’t revolve around these people’s sex lives.

This blog and its intentions has not changed. If you suddenly decide you’re hearing too much about people besides yourself, that’s on you, not us.

What part of what we do is “too political”? You all talk a lot about how “it’s not sex ed if!” but you don’t specify what exactly isn’t sex ed about what we post, other than it doesn’t focus enough on white cishet people. What isn’t educational here?



Sexual harassment or assault against boys/men is not OK. It is not funny. It is not unimportant. It is hurtful.

I wish people would stop reversing genders and suddenly sexual harrassment/assault is empowering, because it is committed by a girl/woman against a boy/man. No it’s still not OK, not ever. It’s not cute, funny or empowering. It hurts.

(And yes I know sexual assault happens in other gender constellations as well and that girls/women are far more likely to be affected than boys/men and that boys/men are far more likely to be the perpetrators than girls/women)

Reblogging again bc this was on my dash again. Women harrassing boys/men is still not funny, empowered or OK.

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