I have a story about circumcision.

One or two years ago, I came out as transgendered, female to male. I was dating a boy whose family I was, and still am, really close to. He’s still one of my best friends and we could and can talk about anything together, including our bodies.

One day one of my other friends brought up circumcision in class. I didn’t even know what that was and she told me to ask my boyfriend about it. He said he wasn’t circumcised, and that was pretty much the end of that discussion.

A few months later he and his family went out to dinner with me and my mother. Somehow the subject of circumcision was brought up again, and my friend’s mother revealed that he had been circumcised when he was an infant, and that she hadn’t done it for religious reasons but because “boys are disgusting”. She is a wonderful person but I don’t agree with her at all about that.

Curiously, I asked my mother if she would have had me circumcised if I were born male. She said yes. Back then I didn’t really have any opinion on circumcision, so I didn’t argue it with her.

Cut to just in the past couple of days, and I’ve been doing my research spurred by the anti-cutting laws in Germany. It started out as looking for reasons to argue against people for accusing Germans of “Going back to Nazism”, but that’s neither here nor there. My research led me to photographs and videos of infants being circumcised and with complications due to botched circumcisions.

I cried. I really, really cried. It was absolutely horrible, especially because my mother just had a baby girl and thinking about what my mother would have done to her if she were a male is just awful, and I’ve never felt so grateful in all of my life that I was born female, and it’s a feeling I’ve never had for as long as I can remember. And I hate my body! But to think that my mother would have had me circumcised is just horrible and makes me feel absolutely betrayed on every level.

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